Monthly Numerology Predictions for May 2023

MONTHLY NUMEROLOGY: May, which is the 5th month of the year, is an adventurous month for most of us. You should have the control over courage to make the necessary changes. The year 2023 totals at 7 which is shares similar characteristics with 5, so apply wisdom and luck that accelerates your vehicle of success. Check out what’s in store for you this month. Here’s detail Horoscope for May:


(People born on 1st, 20th, 19th and 28th)

The month demands to end the reasons that was causing pain and enjoy future for romantic relationships. Communication and exchange love feelings will strenghten the beauty of love partners. It’s a best and ideal time to fall in partnership for land business.

You could go to settle legal disputes, search property for investments, apply for new job or change in profile and start a new political journey, but avoid indulgence in liquor. Married couple to stay mute when they encounter debates in conversation. Actors, dancers, solar energy dealers, doctors, stock brokers and media to achieve targets and new opportunities.


LUCKY DAY: Tuesday and Sunday

LUCKY NO.: 1 and 9

DONATIONS: Yellow mustard seeds in temple.


(People born on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th)

Remember your own laid back attitude serves your trouble in future, so stand up and go out to put best efforts as it’s a time to sow the seed for next month. Feeling of romance and commitment fills your month with happiness. You need to still work hard to gain growth in job specially government jobs and IT indystry. There will be profit in the field of milk, water, chemicals, paint, medicines, and food industries.

Perform milk abhishek of Lord Shiva on Monday and chant Lord Ganesha mantra throughput the month.

You should ignore the criticism of others as it just fake. You are blessed with natural intuition and therefore should take the help of this sense always. Indirect community needs to practiced in many matters this month. It’s a month to spend in planning, moving out with friends, go to seminars, attend personality development classes, plan a short trip, invest in stock and give a surprise gift to your partner. Romance in married life guarantees the support of your spouse provided you promise loyalty.




DONATIONS: Curd today to beggars


(People born on 3rd, 12th, 22th and 30th)

Special intuition works here for sportsman and women politicians. Relationships with friends and relatives seems full of fun and enjoyment due to strong trust.

It’s a month of long pending promises to fulfill. It’s a time to travel to increase exposure and knowledge.

Display your talent especially if you are singers, coaches, educationists, politicians and lawyers. It’s best day to shop clothes, jewellery, books, decor, grains or travell bookings. Designers, hoteliers, anchors, life and sports coaches and financers and musicians to enjoy special achievements today. Start your day with intake of tulsi ji.

MASTER COLOURS: Orange and peach

LUCKY DAY: Thursday

LUCKY NO.: 3 and 7

DONATIONS: A wooden object in aashram


(People born on 4th,13th, 22, 31st)

First half of the month is a full poof planning time, either for business meeting or family vacation. So work positively and stop thinking much in order to focus at the bigger picture of success.

Its a favourable time for those in medical field, intelligent services, law, auditing, defence and finance. Business deals or government orders will keep you hung. Major decision related to stock seems to have delayed, do keep patience. Sales employees, IT employees, theater artist or actors, TV anchors and dancers must apply for competition, as bright chances to receive benefits.

Manufacturers of construction material, metal and garments should anticipate new offer in business. Avoid electric items at the center of house and add salt while mopping the house or office to obstruct all negative energies in surroundings.


LUCKY DAY: Tuesday and Friday


DONATIONS: Salty food to cattle or poor.


(People born on 5th, 14th, 23rd)

A special month for sportsperson to enjoy victory possible due to the blessings of God and their coach. Excellent coordination between you and the boss and team mates, leads to win win in all situations. Perform rituals of Lord Ganesha and take his blessing. Increase travel plans and accept leadership positions. You will receive complete support of spouse and friends to resolve long time issues. Monetary profits seems high and growing. Likely to receive return on investment in property and stock.

Capture you luck in export import, politics jewellery investment, sports, events, competitive exams and interviews today. Your parents and elders supports you financially and emotional almost in all the decisions that you make in the month of May 2023.


LUCKY DAY: Wednesday


DONATIONS: Green fruits to animals or in orphanage.


(People born on 6th, 15th, 24th)

Offer mishri to Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha and seek their blessings. In order to restrain from cheaters, it is best to reserve financial plans without shuting. You are likely to be celebrating, party, shopping, clubbing and travelling. Money and respect, both will be earned due to your beautiful social image.

You should not invest time and money in betting to avoid losses.

You will feel emotions detachment at workplace. A favourable time to invest in new business. Housewives, sportsperson, property dealers, dermatologists, singers, designers, event management, brokers, chefs, students to receive new accolades that enhances growth. Romantic relationship also seems quite low.




DONATIONS: Sugar in aashram.


(People born on 7th, 16th and 25th)

You are a champion of research and technology, therefore this month proves lucky and contend for techies, female teachers, writer, directors, politicians and media entrepreneurs.

Use metal instead of fabric or leather always. You need to take the blessings of parents and listen to opposite gender while taking decisions. You plans will materialize soon as you are favourable to God and a special soul.

Listen the suggestions of mother and other seniors. Share you plan with spouse and you will receive some great solutions. Someone will try to pull you down, but will not succeed. People in jewellery, lawyers, courier, pilots, politicians theatre artist, CA, software guys to face special luck.

MASTER COLOURS: Orange and teal


LUCKY NO.: 7 and 3

DONATIONS: Fennel seeds in aashram.


(People born on 8th, 17th and 26th)

People will take advantage of your kind attitude, so be rational and result oriented this month. Overseas and training business will grow leaps and bounce. Women in the family should remember to stay ignorant and avoid anger. A fantastic month for those in love to make commitments.

Business relations and deals will materialise. People in glamour industry and media will enjoy new offers. Students, trainers, musicians, writer, designers, doctors, lawyers, engineers and actors will enjoy best of popularity.




DONATIONS: An Umberella to a beggar


(People born on 9th, 18th and 27th of the month)

It’s a best month of the year for singers, musicians, scientist, politicians, coaches, media, lawyers, CAs and teachers to apply for higher jobs and cater superior remuneration. Be extremely careful with words and money dealing as you will enjoy new opportunities in mass media and political. Budget your marketing strategies and household expenses due to which you can save a lot for future.

Married couple needs to spend more time to resolve issues brewing between them. IT employees and counselors enjoy name and fame but sportperson need to wait more for opportunities and growth. Property related disputes should be avoided for discussion.

MASTER COLOUR: Red and orange

LUCKY DAY: Tuesday


DONATIONS: Watermelon to cattle or poor.

(The author, Pooja Jainn from Digits N Destini, is a leading figure in the field of name numerology.)

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