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HOROSCOPE TODAY, 7 MAY, 2023: People around Scorpio may become cautious of their way to work. They must take advantage of this time to get things done according to your style. For Virgo, the opportunity to make it big is headed their way and they need to make a mark by accepting it well. Working conditions will remain auspicious for Aquarius. They should maintain self control and think big. Their profit is also likely to increase.

If students with Leo sun sign have been preparing to get through some kind of an exam or an entrance, their intuition may be right. There seems to be an upward spike in Leo luck. Check out career, love, relationship, finance and money astrological predictions for Sunday.


Some work expansion avenues that came your way could not be exploited well. You may have been inaccessible when others were trying to reach out. One can expect a change coming in this old rhythm now. What may have been troubling you about parents looks like getting resolved soon, you may experience a sense of relief.

You will be ahead in business and excited by economic progress. You will also have a sense of competition. Professionals will be more successful. Keep pace with ancestral activities.

  • REMEDY: Donate red fruit to a poor person.
  • LUCKY SIGN: A salt lamp


Some known people have the skill of making your life go haywire. They might infuse it with their impractical attitude or demands. You may have been dealing with some people like that. But now no more. A big assignment or opportunity is headed your way. You may require out of turn favours. If you are in some business, you might have to double up your deadline demands.

You will be excited with the desired results. Creativity will remain. You will get new achievements in the office. Be careful in transactions otherwise money may get stuck. Show patience in work business. Profit opportunities will increase. Take the advice of the experienced.

  • REMEDY: Perform aarti of Lord Hanuman.
  • LUCKY SIGN: A sage burner.


You may have been working on something which is now suddenly in demand. If you’re in the field of new business development, you might get to hear of an alliance to help you showcase your work. Any shortage of financial aid meant for expansion could come through an important person, a lead or through some kind of scheme.

Professional matters will be made in your favour. Negotiations will be successful. You will get attractive offers. Remain dedicated towards your goal. Maintain healthy competition.

  • REMEDY: Recite Sunderkand.
  • LUCKY SIGN: A shimmering cloth.


You’re likely to meet an influential person or a celebrity who you’d been admiring since a long time. Impromptu trips and travel is on the cards. A small argument may take shape of a bigger hassle but shall be handled in time. Behaviour might bring around some kind of unrest. You may have an important role in organising things for others.

You must maintain confidence in work business. The environment will be normal for professionals. Avoid competition. You will pursue commercial interests.

  • REMEDY: Feed green grass or spinach to the cow.
  • LUCKY SIGN: A new shop


If you have been preparing to get through some kind of an exam or an entrance, your intuition may be right. There seems to be an upward spike in your luck. Domestic front may still remain a little unattended. Due to day-to-day issues, work front may also suffer, but that’s temporary. You need to master the skill of understanding in between lines. Practicing meditation or any daily spiritual habit would really be helpful.

You will be ahead in business. Avoid taking hasty decisions. Efforts will gain momentum. Career will remain better. Mutual cooperation will remain.

  • REMEDY: Light a ghee lamp in the Goddess Durga temple.
  • LUCKY SIGN from above – a serum.


Your attitude is the master of your perception. The opportunity to make it big is headed your way and you need to make a mark by accepting it well. It might be a little different from your expectations, but completely requires your dedication. Avoid creating any scene in the public places. While dealing with new acquaintances, make sure you create a good first impression. It’s a good time to entertain yourself and others.

It will be beneficial for you to perform more than your capacity at the workplace. You will get the support of counterparts. Feel free to keep moving forward.

  • REMEDY: Feed jaggery to a red cow.
  • LUCKY SIGN: A new poster


Your dedication on a project until now shall create a good final impression on others. Some negative people may try to create imbalance in your progress but that shall eventually be handled. Neighbours can be a little nosey. You will have to just ignore. Do not share everything with everyone as it might travel unnecessarily.

Today you will move forward smoothly in the direction of your career. Work business will get better. Commercial efforts will be made in your favour. The possibility of travel will be strengthened. You will live up to the trust of professionals. Traditional efforts will go ahead. There will be an increase in facilities. Give time in creative subjects.

  • REMEDY: Donate white things to a poor person.
  • LUCKY SIGN: A tree of life


Your focus and determination may help you earn something out of line. People around you may become cautious of your way to work. You must take advantage of this time to get things done according to your style. Also the financial support shall eventually reach you but quite unexpectedly. New and a long term resource is on the cards.

Avoid sharing important plans with others. Work will be devoted to business. Keep thinking of setting up a traditional business.

  • REMEDY: Feed the bird.
  • LUCKY SIGN: A coral.


You may have had your own set of experiences, but it’s not appreciated if they intrude in anyone’s personal space. Take two steps backwards, in spite of the fact that you may be genuinely concerned. There might be someone waiting since long for you to get connected. If you’re in the field of education, you may have to wait for a few pending approvals to pace up your work.

There will be an emphasis on management in the office. Happiness and facilities will increase. Move forward with patience. Take advantage of the positive situation.

  • REMEDY: Give something sweet to the black dog.
  • LUCKY SIGN: A shopping bag.


You may stop getting penalised for someone else’s mistake. A past setback may push you back once again. In case you have applied for any loan, you may have to still wait for required approvals. You may have a plan for an impromptu sight seeing or lunch with friends. It’s a relaxed day. You may have to take special care of any ignored health issues.

You have to avoid doing financial transactions today. Seniors in the office will be happy. Avoid borrowing. Control the expenses. Maintain consistency in important matters.

  • REMEDY: Serve a physically challenged person.
  • LUCKY SIGN: Fresh paint


Overall health might be a concern but you might handle it well. You also seem to be mentally absorbed into something that is not under your control. Because of that, you are not able to sit and focus on what actually needs to be done. You need to control your anxiety, centre yourself and practice some meditation. There are positive things coming your way.

Discussions will be effective in important matters. Long term plans will give momentum. Working conditions will remain auspicious. Maintain self control. Think big. Profit will increase.

  • REMEDY: Put the ants in the flour mixed with sugar.
  • LUCKY SIGN: A black tourmaline.


It’s good not to stretch a matter for too long. Whatever the complications of the heart in a romantic relationship, you may have to listen to your set of imperfections this time and work on them too. Both of you, by keeping small little things in your heart will only increase the gap. A timely advise might come your way that could prove handy. You may be attending a get together or a party.

Industries will maintain continuity in business. There are chances of getting unexpected benefits in work. Be cautious while meeting new people. Take words of your loved ones seriously. You will get suitable offers.

  • REMEDY: Light a mustard oil lamp under a peepal tree in the evening.
  • LUCKY SIGN: A polka dot pattern.

(The author is Pooja Chandra, Founder, Citaaraa – The Wellness Studio,; Bhoomika Kalam is an International astrologer and tarot card reader. Bhoomika is founder of a science-based Astrology platform called ‘AstroBhoomi’. She was honoured with Global Peace Award.)

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